Vince Russo takes a shot at Becky Lynch


Vince Russo takes a shot at Becky Lynch

During the Legion of RAW podcast on Sportskeeda, former writer Vince Russo hit it off with Becky Lynch, very directly criticizing the Irishman’s promo skills. It must be emphasized that, beyond the personal opinion that each of us can have on the skills at the microphone of Big Time Becks, Lynch studied theater a few years ago and resumed with online lessons during the pandemic, just to try to improve.

and offer fans a good product. These are Russo's words: "Listen, I don't know. I don't know what they are convinced of, and I've been saying it for years, years and years. Becky Lynch should be so over, but from the first time, I saw her on NXT until See you tonight So, how long has Chris? I saw her on NXT.

How long ago? Okay. In all this time, Becky Lynch doesn't know how to do promos. She can not. She is terrible at promos. […] I'm sorry, man. I'm telling you this from a professional point of view, and if I were you, I would manage Becky, I would manage Becky, I would manage Becky, I would manage Becky because her promos are supposed to be so much better than they are.

[...] I'm just honest." Then he upped the ante by adding, "When you can do it all, you will be a superstar. You know, Austin could do it all. Reigns can do it all. Michaels can do it all. Becky's strong point is not her promos, I would give her reps after reps.

, I'd work with her until I'm exhausted."

Vince Russo slams Becky Lynch

SmackDown Women's Champion Becky Lynch has commented after not getting drafted on Night One of WWE Draft 2021, clarifying that she is not eligible to be picked until next week's Monday Night RAW.

Just Vince Russo said some time ago that according to him The Man should start fighting with men: "I understand that this is a possibility bordering on the unlikely, I realize it. It is the only solution that comes to mind since there is no superstar on the female roster who is able to stand up to her." Sasha Banks returned to WWE last week at Extreme Rules and interrupted the title match between Belair and The Man.

She ended up attacking both the champion and the challenger, announcing her intentions to win the title. Night One of WWE Draft 2021 also saw Bianca Belair get drafted to RAW. Sasha Banks' status is still unknown as she was not drafted tonight. With Charlotte Flair getting drafted to SmackDown, it is highly likely that Becky Lynch will now move to RAW.

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