Drew McIntyre reveals his two big goals in WWE


Drew McIntyre reveals his two big goals in WWE

Former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre was and certainly is one of the main wrestlers of the entire WWE. The Scottish Psychopath led the company in the pandemic period, a champion that wowed despite the absence of an audience and shows only in the Performance Centers.

During the last few episodes of Draft Drew McIntyre has been officially transferred to Friday Night Smackdown but at the same time before his final farewell, he will face WWE Champion Big E.

Drew McIntyre on the possibility of a PPV in the UK

In an exclusive interview with Sportkeeda Wrestling, Drew McIntyre spoke about his goals and his dream of playing a PPV in the UK.

Here are his words: "I've been talking about it for a long time, I would say for the last ten years. Especially since the last year and a half since I became WWE Champion I have really had a lot of media opportunities and I have often talked about it and every time I have the possibility I talk about it.

The UK is a very important market for us, the fans are very passionate and everyone watches TV and wrestling with anger and fervor. Great Britain deserves a level PPV and this has not happened since SummerSlam 1992, now there is a thirty-year anniversary.

Meanwhile, I push and I can say that I pushed for this to happen." The wrestler then continued: "When this happens I can only be proud of it, I think it will be one of my greatest successes. And I think it will take a great match to thrill the audience, I think of Drew McIntyre versus Tyson Fury and only then will I be able to definitively shock WWE fans in Great Britain.

If something is needed to achieve this, I will take care of it personally." The fight against Big E at Crown Jewel will take place on October 21, but then WWE Universe fans can't wait to understand how the wrestler will behave in SmackDown.

During the interview, McIntyre also mentioned that he was glad to be on the road again and interact with the fans in the arenas. He was grateful for the UK tour last month and mentioned that it was a happy homecoming for him after two years of being away from friends and family.

Drew McIntyre is also getting ready for another WWE Championship match. This time he will face Big E for the WWE title at Crown Jewel on October 21.

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