Cody Rhodes wants to get revenge for WCW

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Cody Rhodes wants to get revenge for WCW

Cody Rhodes showed off all his talent outside WWE, prompting many colleagues to follow his steps in the following years. Together with the Khan family, the son of the legendary Dusty gave birth to AEW, the new company that also signed Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega.

On January 1, 2019, Cody unveiled a new promotion, All Elite Wrestling (AEW), in which he, along with Matt and Nick Jackson of The Young Bucks, will serve as Executive Vice Presidents and on air talent. They have announced their first PPV Double Or Nothing.

To promote All Elite, Cody, Young Bucks, Hangman Page, and Brandi showed up unannounced to wrestler Joey Ryan's Southern California promotion Bar Wrestling on January 16, 2019. In a recent interview with Wrestling Inc, Cody reflected on getting revenge for WCW: “It sounds super romantic when you think about it.

Dusty Rhodes feuded with Vince McMahon, and he lost, and here is his youngest son who is going to go and try to cut Vince’s head off. It sounds super Game of Thrones. In the back of my mind, when it’s just me, I think about it a lot.

But then I have these guys with me who have different visions. You can’t turn the clock on old wrestling."