WWE Hall of Famer on Edge and Christian

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WWE Hall of Famer on Edge and Christian
WWE Hall of Famer on Edge and Christian

Two of the legendary WWE athletes, who have created one of the best tag team sectors in the history of American pro-wrestling, are Edge and Christian, historic Canadian wrestlers of the company, who have challenged the most important teams in the history of WWF/E, with the best feuds arising from the combination between the E&C and the various Hardy Boyz, Dudley Boyz, Brothers of Destruction and so on and so forth.

After a lifetime spent in the WWE rings, Christian had to try his luck once again in the rings of a rival partner, AEW, after Christian Cage had already joined TNA several years ago to try his luck there. Each time, Christian has always found triumph, with the legendary McMahon athlete always going on to win world titles outside of WWE, unlike his time in the Stamford-based company's rings, which brought very few big wins to his name.

After seeing Edge's great return to the ring, after years of forced retirement due to a neck injury, Christian thought it best to join AEW, breaking out one of the most beautiful couples in WWE history, the E&C.

Jim Ross on Edge and Christian

In the latest installment of his personal Grilling JR, WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross, nicknamed the "voice of the WWE", who for years served as director of talent for WWE, wanted to reveal the embarrassing pay they received for the first period Edge and Christian, in the rings of the then WWF, with the commentator AEW, who revealed: "Edge already exuded charisma.

It's natural. It's not something you can teach, you can't feel it, you can't touch it, you can't smell it. We've talked about this before. He had it and you can't produce it. It's in your DNA, so to speak. You know that the first contract I signed to those two, Edge and Christian, I had no idea how the hell I could get those numbers, but they were making $ 210 a week and they were happy to take that money too.

Because we all knew that taking that little money would be a memory very soon. Budget and stuff like that. They had been around independents in Ontario for a while. So, I knew they were going to be the company's next big deal." With WrestleMania 37 and SummerSlam now over, the WWE Hall of Famer will likely return to action around Royal Rumble or WrestleMania next year.

While there are a lot of programs Edge could be a part of when he returns, there is a high chance he will have a rubber match against Rollins at one of the big pay-per-views in 2022.

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