Lana talks about Charlotte Flair

Charlotte Flair is the most decorated female superstar in WWE history

by Simone Brugnoli
Lana talks about Charlotte Flair

Among the many athletes released over the last two years, 2020-2021, the married couple Lana-Rusev also returned, with the Bulgarian who has now started to be called simply Miro, or the diminutive of his real name, on All Elite Wrestling.

If Miro has already found his way into the AEW rings, recently also becoming TNT champion, with the belt recently lost to Sammy Guevara, for Lana it is still not certain what there will be in his future, with the girl he is not by now.

under contract with the McMahons for months and that could soon land in the rings of any company, either as a manager or as a wrestler. During her time in the rings of the McMahon company, Lana has never won a federation world title, either as a single or as a duo, although in the last period she had come close enough alongside Natalya, before her release.

on stage, with the release. Apparently, according to the same athlete who speaks fluent Russian, WWE would never have given her any kind of confidence with a belt, because she has never had the physique like Charlotte Flair, or at least, this is the idea that Lana has shared.

In her latest interview with East Cost Autograph Auctions, Lana wanted to say: "Probably in 2017-2018, I felt that if I had Charlotte Flair's physique and characteristics, well only then I could become champion. Unfortunately, it didn't work for me.

You know, not everyone is born genetically superior and has a famous father who is a 16, 17-time world champion. His daughter will overtake him very soon."

Lana opens up on Charlotte Flair

With a fairly poisonous stab, Lana wanted to get a pebble out of her shoe, as they say in these cases, both against Charlotte Flair and WWE, guilty of never having given her an opportunity.

titled, not even short-lived, throughout his career in the WWE rings, for years. Lana began her WWE career as a valet for real-life husband Rusev after signing with the company in 2013. She only began her in-ring career in 2016 at WrestleMania 32, where she was in a 10-woman tag team match.

She improved her in-ring ability and became more than just a valet/manager in and even got a shot at the SmackDown Women's title in 2017, battling then champion Naomi. She had a few chances at the title, but was unsuccessful at winning it.

Charlotte Flair