Kenny Dykstra returns to WWE as a coach

Dykstra was not on bad terms with the charity

by Simone Brugnoli
Kenny Dykstra returns to WWE as a coach

Few of you will remember the Spirit Squad, a stable of young boys who entered the rings of Monday Night Raw in the early 2000s, with their biggest feud being that with the reformed DX, by Shawn Michaels and Triple H, in 2006.

After also winning a couple titles, then held under the Freebird Rule rule, almost all the young talents of the stable have been released by the WWE, except one: Nicky, who became a century, Dolph Ziggler. In fact, many do not remember that Dolph Ziggler's first steps with WWE were right inside the stable of crazy Spirit Squad cheerleaders, before changing his name and having another character in front of the television screens of the McMahon federation.

In recent weeks, one of the members of the stable would appear again in the WWE backstage, or Kenny, real name Kenneth Doane, who was called Kenny Dykstra in the WWE rings. After a very brief stint in the Smackdown tag team in 2016, where Kenny Dykstra had returned to WWE to join Mickey, to face the former member of their stable, Dolph Ziggler, Kenny Dykstra now seems to be back with a whole new role in the backstage of the company, with the well-known PW Insider who reported on the role that the WWE would have decided to entrust him from now on.

Kenny Dykstra returns to WWE

In the latest update reported on the pages of the well-known overseas site, it is reported that: Former Spirit Squad member Ken 'Kenny Dykstra' Doane has been hired by WWE as the Orlando Performance Center Coach.

In recent weeks, Kenny has already worked in Orlando with the young PCs." The now 35-year-old athlete continued to work in the independent federations even after his two releases, first arrived with the Spirit Squad and then in a team with Mikey, just a few years ago.

Of that stable, the only one to have had a concrete success was Dolph Ziggler, who later became world champion and multiple secondary champion of the WWE, who in the last period has suffered a bit of a stalemate in the federation, alongside Robert Roode.

The report also stated that Kenny felt that missing work in an attempt to get re-signed with the WWE was worth the risk. However, it should be noted that both Kenny and Mikey have not been offered a full-time contract by WWE yet despite having featured regularly on Smackdown.

2/5ths of the Spirit Squad returned on October 4th. It may have been Dolph Ziggler’s last Smackdown Live appearance, should he have lost to The Miz in their Career vs. Title match at No Mercy.