Braun Strowman reveals his dream match

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Braun Strowman reveals his dream match

The past year and a half have seen WWE undergo a distinct transformation. Vince McMahon's company suffered from the pandemic woes with shows played without an audience and within the Performance Center. Beyond that, any show abroad has been banned.

WWE has also released a series of wrestlers taking the WWE Universe totally by surprise in several cases, in disbelief at the firing of some superstars. Among them were released superstars of the caliber of Braun Strowman and Bray Wyatt, both of whom went from the reign of champions to 'out of work' superstars in a matter of months.

Speaking during an interview with Control Your Narrative microphones, Braun Strowman spoke about who his next opponent could be.

Braun Strowman on facing Bray Wyatt

"There is only one man on this earth that I would like to knock on my door.

He is family, he showed me things I never imagined I would see and gave me the chance to be his son's godfather. Well, Windham. I'm waiting for you brother," he said. Continuing in the interview Braun, however, clarified that he doesn't care who his next opponent will be but he can't wait to understand how he can get back into the ring, Braun must be released.

Latest rumors claim that Braun Strowman and Bray Wyatt may soon join federations such as All Elite Wrestling or Impact Wrestling. Speaking to Sportk, Braun Strowman then revealed that he risked leaving WWE even before making his debut in August 2015: "During my career in WWE there have been numerous occasions in which I have been very close to giving up everything.

When I was on the development circuit I had serious doubts that I would not make it to this company. I had suffered a flood of injuries and my life was gradually changing due to living with pain." The former Universal Champion shared details about what went into producing the match and added that he worked 28 hours straight for the same.

Check out his full comments below: "The criticism from the f*****g fans, and it's not even the fans, it's the dorks on the internet that opinion and couch-cushion book shows and do all this stuff, and just non-stop talking s**t about what we're trying to do.

Listening to these guys bury and just c**p all over the match , the cinematic match I had with Bray Wyatt, they say it's the worst match of the year, the worst thing I've ever seen. People don't have a clue what went into doing that.

I worked for 28 hours straight, trying to get this out to our fans, get a product out to get people to take their mind off what's going on in the world."