AEW has overtaken WWE in the past month

AEW has steadily built up an incredible roster of wrestling talent

by Simone Brugnoli
AEW has overtaken WWE in the past month

WWE has long been the premier wrestling company in the world with the McMahon family and its superstars dominating this industry and we have seen it expand to other areas over time. For some time now there has been the advent of All Elite Wrestling (AEW), a company run by the Khan family that has seen enormous growth in recent years.

The expansion in this sector is now evident to everyone and in recent months the AEW has hired several prominent superstars out of the WWE and among the tops added in recent months we cannot fail to mention Daniel Bryan and CM Punk, authentic legends of the WWE switch to the company.

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) has gained a lot of momentum in 2021

In general WWE and AEW live wrestling quite differently even if we are talking about two federations in the same sector. WWE has higher ticket costs while AEW, on its second anniversary, has now caught up with the McMahon family company in terms of sales and even surpassed in terms of audience demographics.

During the last episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, the well-known colleague Dave Meltzer commented on the situation. By eliminating both companies' biggest shows, the AEW with AEW Dynamite has clearly surpassed Monday Night Raw with the red show in obvious distress in recent weeks.

Here are his words: "AEW Dynamite is ahead of Raw with the ratings but unlike in the past it is not a thing of a week, but of a month. Furthermore, the live participation of AEW is much higher than the WWE, I have not used SummerSlam because I wanted to collect concrete data and not an event that distorts the numbers compared to the real reality." The AEW is really doing impressive numbers for a company that was only born a couple of years ago while the WWE seems to be in trouble and almost does not seem to recognize this competition and its clear advent.

On the latest edition of Monday Mailbag with Mike Chioda, Chioda was asked if he believes Vince McMahon is concerned about All Elite Wrestling. The former WWE referee offered a very interesting response. "Yes, I think he is," Mike Chioda said.

"He always wants to be on top. I have seen him demolish and step on a lot of territories around the country and around the world. He wants to be number one. Everybody wants to be number one whether it’s in their sport, in their career or owning a company.

I definitely think he’s very concerned right now because they’re picking up some good talent. I know Vince. Vince is concerned."