Daniel Bryan still has a grudge against WWE

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Daniel Bryan still has a grudge against WWE

One of the most sensational blows that All Elite Wrestling has managed to give in the last period was to put Daniel Bryan under contract, now back to being Bryan Danielson, who has already entered into a feud with the fundamental pivot of the roster of the AEW: Kenny Omega.

After debuting in the main event of All Out, the last ppv of the Khan house, Bryan Danielson immediately staged a very important feud with the heavyweight champion and his Elite, formed by the other fresh WWE-ex, Adam Cole and by the Young Bucks.

Even in the promos staged in the AEW rings, Bryan Danielson however wanted to throw small digs at the WWE and their style, with the choice that led Bryan to AEW, which was purely because the wrestler loved wresting and therefore preferred the company of the Khans from this point of view.

Daniel Bryan still criticizes WWE

Although this may seem totally unintentional, Daniel Bryan still wanted to continue talking about WWE in a certain way, with the former world champion McMahon, who in fact stated in his latest interview with the microphones of 6ABC: "This is one of those things that made me choose AEW and it's because I really wanted to get there because I knew AEW was a company where wrestling comes first.

If you're a wrestling fan, WWE is sometimes more about entertainment in general. They try to bring up as many fans and casual viewers as possible. When I think of AEW, on the other hand, I think 'If you're someone who loves wrestling, here it is.

But also, if you're not a wrestling fan, we put it in the middle and in the end, it will be wrestling that gets you in the way. I think that's one of the things that makes AEW unique. If we compare the two companies, just look at the shows, you will see a lot more wrestling in the two hours of Dynamite rather than in the three hours of Raw.

And sometimes there are even more hours of wrestling in Dynamite than Raw and Smackdown combined." Together as a tag team, CM Punk and Daniel Bryan were known as 'The Best & The Beard' While they never really established themselves as a full-time tag team, the duo shared great in-ring chemistry.

Ultimately, the alliance broke down. 'The Second City Saint' went on to feud with The Shield, whereas Bryan surprisingly joined The Wyatt Family.