New details on the 2021 King of the Ring

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New details on the 2021 King of the Ring

In recent weeks there has been a lot of talk about the new tournament created by the WWE, which will crown the first queen of the ring of the Stamford company, of all its history. After seeing the King of the Ring tournament for years, WWE has also decided to hold the very first tournament dedicated to its girls, with the format that will not be that of the "Queen of the Ring", as many expected, but which will be called "Queen's Crown tournament." Both tournaments will start from the latest episode of Friday Night Smackdown and will end with their respective finals at Crown Jewel, the Saudi Arabian PPV which will be staged on the 21st of this month in Riyadh, in front of dozens of thousands of Arab fans who flocked.

for the event as usual. In the last few hours, WWE has also wanted to advertise the matches that will start the two tournaments to decree their king and queen, with tonight's episode which will also see the signing of the contract for one of the most important matches of the Crown Jewel card, the one valid for the title of champion of the blue show, currently alongside "The Man", Becky Lynch.

Latest update on the King of the Ring

Rey Mysterio and Sami Zayn will start the men's tournament on 8th October, while for Queen's Crown Tournament, Carmella and Liv Morgan will start off the proceedings, with the two having been feuding for several weeks already, just like the other two men.

In the other angle advertised for tonight, there will be the face-to-face between Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair, with the three going to sign their contract for the titled match that will also air on Crown Jewel in a few days.

At the moment the WWE has not yet formalized any other match for its two very important tournaments, but it is thought that Raw will soon be included in the list of matches that will be played to crown the king and queen of the 2021 company's ring.

In the first announced match for King of the Ring, Sami Zayn will receive his long-awaited singles match against Rey Mysterio. Zayn has racked up quite a few wins as of late over Rey's son Dominik Mysterio. With both men going to separate brands once the WWE Draft takes effect, this might be the last opportunity these two men will have to have a one-on-one contest in WWE. Will Zayn continue his winning ways over the Mysterio family?