Asuka's character could undergo a significant change

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Asuka's character could undergo a significant change

One of the many characters who have not been seen in the WWE rings for a long time, responds to the name of Asuka, who has won practically everything that could be won in the rings of the company, from the title of Raw Women's Champion.

to that of Smackdown, passing through that of NXT. Among the many things she achieved in her career with the McMahons, Asuka also won a Royal Rumble and a Money in the Bank, within a few years, from each other, with her name quickly becoming one of the most renowned and important in recent WWE history.

In the very last period, however, Asuka was no longer used in the rings of Monday Night Raw, with the Japanese who would not have any kind of physical problem, but who would have been specially kept aside by the company of the McMahons, for lack of plans or for other reasons, still unknown to fans, who haven't seen her for weeks now.

Asuka has been a dominant force in the WWE

With a tweet, Asuka wanted to leave some possible clues to her opponents and her fans on how she could return to the company's rings, or maybe just compliment a great TV series that was released a few years ago, which has collected awards and praise from TV critics.

We are talking about Breaking Bad. After seeing her defend the Raw Women's Champion title for months, left to her by a pregnant Becky Lynch, Asuka had lost her face belt and had come off the company's TV screens. At the moment, it is not known when she will return and especially with what attitude.

With the following photo, however, to many fans and insiders, it seems that Asuka wants to suggest something, perhaps a sensational turn heel, like the character of Walter White (protagonist of BrBa, precisely the TV series), had done in the television program.

Asuka has been a dominant force in the WWE and has won almost everything possible in the company. She was the winner of the first-ever Women's Royal Rumble in 2018. She was Miss Money In The Bank in 2020. She is the longest-reigning NXT Women's Champion in history.

She is also a former two-time RAW Women's Champion and a one-time SmackDown Women's champion. She held the title for 231 days before dropping it to Rhea Ripley at Wrestlemania 37. She is clearly one of the top names in the Women's division and her return will bolster any brand that she returns to.