Kofi Kingston Talks about the Original New Day Idea

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Kofi Kingston Talks about the Original New Day Idea

WWE has created numerous factions over the year. Some of those factions get over with the fans and help the promotion generate money. The promotion needs to create interesting factions that can entertain the fans well. That way, WWE can sell tickets easily and sell a higher number of PPV buys.

The New Day is probably the most over faction of the WWE currently. They have wonderful chemistry and never fail to entertain the fans. They have a huge fan base and many kids like them. They have hosted numerous major PPV events for the WWE ever since they started working together.

Kofi Kingston talked about the original idea the group had for Vince McMahon for The New Day with The Canton Repository. Kingston is an integral part of The New Day! The idea came from three preachers serving up the gospel of positivity.

When talking to Vince, Kofi stated that they went further and back on a few ideas. “We just kept doing it, and we evoked a lot of emotion from people, and really, that was what it was all about,” said Kofi. “Eventually, we kind of got to do what we first wanted, and over time it turned into what it is now”.

There are rumors circulating that The New Day will be disbanded after WrestleMania 35. We hope this is not true as The New Day are super fun to watch.