*Spoiler* Shocking news for Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy is arguably one of the most spectacular and controversial athletes to have performed in WWE in the modern era

by Simone Brugnoli
*Spoiler* Shocking news for Jeff Hardy

One of the most particular transfers and that most attracted the WWE Universe in the last Draft was the passage from Monday Night Raw to SmackDown of a superstar of the caliber of Jeff Hardy, an expert wrestler who has won the title of WWE Champion three times in his career.

In recent times the company, according to WWE Universe fans, has underestimated the wrestler and indeed has reduced the value of him to a minimum. The Charismatic Enigma no longer has a priority role in the main roster and for this reason, the company of Vince McMahon appears ready for a big change for the wrestler.

During a recent episode of the NC Culture State podcast Jeff Hardy suggested that he felt ready to bring his character of Willow back to life.

Backstage News on Jeff Hardy

The rumor launched by the wrestler seems to be true and according to what Cageside Seats' colleagues report there are serious speculations of a Jeff Hardy ready to use the character of Willow on his transfer to Friday Night Smackdown.

Willow was a popular character that Jeff had used in Impact Wrestling and that the company thinks they want to put back into WWE. Here is what Cageside Seats reports: "Based on Jeff Hardy's promo on Raw and the recent interview with NC Culture State there is a lot of speculation about Jeff Hardy's use of his Alter ego Willow." According to the portal, the former WWE champion could retrace the trail used in SmackDown over the last few weeks for Finn 'Demon' Balor.

In this way, the company could give space to a new superstar after a draft that at least 'on paper' has damaged the blue roster and could thus relaunch the figure of Jeff Hardy. Before doing that Jeff Hardy could be involved on Raw with the young Austin Theory.

During the last episode of the red brand, we saw the young wrestler 'tease' the expert colleague and now the WWE could use Jeff Hardy to exalt and launch the young Austin. Though Willow became a memorable character in TNA/IMPACT Wrestling, Hardy could use the gimmick to his advantage in WWE.

Despite being a legend in the company, he has been used as a lower mid-carder for the past few months. By getting a makeover and bringing a fan-favorite character like Willow back, Hardy could develop an angle similar to Finn Balor's Demon. The former champion could rely on this persona for big matches to build even more interest in these bouts.

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