*Spoiler* Possible spoiler on Crown Jewel's results


*Spoiler* Possible spoiler on Crown Jewel's results

One of the feuds that will characterize the end of 2021 and probably also part of 2022, is the clash of the titans that will take place at Crown Jewel, between the Universal Champion Roman Reigns and the former protege of his manager/adviser, Paul Heyman: Brock Lesnar.

After spending over a year away from WWE, after terminating his contract by mutual agreement with the McMahon-based company, The Beast is back to shake arenas with his strength and impetus in Summerslam, after Roman Reigns he had managed to beat yet another opponent, namely John Cena, multiple world champion, who has now become an internationally renowned star in the world of Hollywood.

After going face to face with Smackdown's Tribal Chief, Brock Lesnar has declared himself to be a free agent during the latest Draft, with the possibility of appearing on both Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown, as his very personal choice will want.

The latest news on Crown Jewel

The rumor in question, the one we are about to report, has been running for several weeks, but the more time passes and the more different sources continue to confirm that the rumors are more than precise clues for the future of Lesnar and Reigns in WWE.

In recent weeks, in fact, there has been talk of how WWE wanted to play against Lesnar and Reigns, as well as Crown Jewel, also in the next edition of the Showcase of the Immortals, in case The Rock is unavailable for a match against his cousin, awaited for years by fans and professionals.

With regard to this scenario, Dave Meltzer added in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter: "From what I understand, and it makes a lot of sense, it's not going to be a one-match program. First, unless The Rock wants to fight Reigns in the next edition of Wrestlemania, next year, this always seems to become.

more the possible Match of 'Mania. So the idea is that they will build a comeback, either if Lesnar wins or if he doesn't win, they will invent something to make him play a second match. There is also Paul Heyman who is a fundamental pawn in this storyline and therefore he will be playing as a double pawn, on both sides and you never know which way he will go in the end." Events in Saudi Arabia have been huge for WWE.

The company currently has a strategic relationship with The Kingdom for their 2030 vision for live events. They extended the deal in November 2019 to visit the Middle Eastern country to produce shows until 2027. The new deal also includes a second large-scale WWE event to be produced annually.

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