Bray Wyatt's future seems already written

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Bray Wyatt's future seems already written

In July, WWE shocked all fans of the federation by announcing several goodbyes. Among them was also announced the release of Bray Wyatt and now fans are waiting to understand the intentions of the former WWE Superstar once his 90-day non-competition clause has expired, just like his former tag team.

partner, Braun Strowman. It is rumored that Bray Wyatt's future may be tied to Impact Wrestling. According to insiders, in fact, the two parties have had contacts, but there is still no agreement in place and neither are they close to signing an agreement.

What appears from Still Real To Us is therefore only Impact Wrestling's interest in Bray Wyatt and the company asked a roster member, familiar with the former WWE champion, to contact him to convince him to accept the TNA.

What's next for Bray Wyatt?

During an interview with Control Your Narrative, Braun Strowman was asked who he wanted his next opponent. He praised Bray Wyatt and said it was the 'Eater of Worlds' that he wanted.

''There's only one man on this earth that I want to see knocking on that door. He's family, he showed me things in life that I never could have imagined seeing. He bestowed the gift upon me of being the godfather to his son.

Windham, I'm waiting for you brother," said Strowman. Despite the important signings of AEW, CM Punk and Daniel Bryan above all, it always seems to be almost certain that in the future of The Fiend there is no AEW.

According to reports from journalist Bryan Alvarez, Bray Wyatt will certainly not go to AEW given his situation's very different from that of the new arrivals from WWE. His well-known colleague Dave Meltzer also spoke about his future, saying that despite some rumors, the federation closest to the former WWE Superstar is only Impact Wrestling, the only one that is following him more closely and also the one that is trying to move several people in order to get him to sign.

Surely therefore there seems to be a lot of hype around Bray's future, but at this moment it is still unclear which company he will finish signing with. What it turns out for now is that TNA appears to be the number one favorite at the moment to acquire him.

Strowman also claimed that he doesn't care who his next opponent is. He said it could be anyone who has something inside them that they need to get out of. The former Universal Champion said he could help anybody who needs to be 'set free'