WWE is watching some superstars for future pushes

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WWE is watching some superstars for future pushes

Despite not spending much time at NXT, mostly due to an injury that didn't allow him to get a push on the show, Ridge Holland was immediately enlisted directly on the WWE main roster, on the company's blue show, SmackDown.

According to reports by Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer, WWE management truly believes in him as the company's new future champion. After a year of his arrival in WWE, from the episode of NXT on October 7, 2020, Ridge Holland has now become a Superstar to be really watched, because the leadership of the federation has great faith in him and prepares big plans for his future.

Vince McMahon has built an empire with WWE

Holland has the look and size that WWE owner Vince McMahon wants, he's a big fat wrestler just the way he likes them. Other names that management is watching as potential future WWE champions are Von Vagner and Bron Breakker, Rick Steiner's son.

The company in addition to these and the English wrestler also has different expectations for the former Andrade tag team partner, Austin Theory, a Superstar who has as his strengths the powerful moves and a very robust physique precisely the favorite characteristics of the patron of the WWE.

The feeling regarding Holland is that he matches Vince McMahon's favorite traits, who wants the biggest and heaviest wrestlers at the top of the federation so that, according to him, they can stand out from other Superstars and better demonstrate their superiority.

McMahon wants big athletes who can participate in the WrestleMania main event every year. An example, in this case, can be Adam Cole, considered by fans to be one of the best Superstars of the moment, but not seen well by Vince who wanted him with his haircut and with management similar to that of Keith Lee; the constant diatribes then led him to his estrangement from WWE and to join with the AEW.

Therefore, for the new Superstars like Holland, in the Stamford-based federation, more opportunities to break into the main roster are coming. The match was widely regarded as one of the best matches during WrestleMania weekend and won the WWE Slammy Award for Match of the Year.

While the COVID-19 Pandemic forced WWE to radically change plans, fans almost seem to prefer this type of match for the aging veteran. WWE was able to hide his limitations and showcase all the coolest features of The Undertaker's character.