WWE makes a particular request to FOX

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WWE makes a particular request to FOX

In recent months, WWE has raised several million dollars thanks to the agreements signed with NBC and FOX, to broadcast on the two very famous channels of US TV, the two main shows of the company, with Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown, which are respectively broadcast on Monday and Friday evenings, on USA Network and FOX TV screens.

All this will bring hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars into WWE's coffers over the next 4 years, just like the latest agreement signed by McMahons, with Peacock TV, with which WWE broadcasts WWE Network throughout the United States, making millions more of it, too.

Precisely this agreement with Peacock TV's said to have made FOX go on a rampage, with the executives of the television station asking the WWE to increase the wrestling-based programming on the channel that already broadcasts Smackdown, but receiving conflicting opinions, but for most, negative opinions from the Stamford-based company.

WWE blocks MLW on FOX

Apparently, after asking WWE for several more content to be broadcast on their TV screens, FOX would have been asked for more money, just as they did with Peacock TV, with some sources inside WWE claiming "if they want the programming of Peacock, they will have to give us the money that Peacock brings us."

In its latest update, the well-known overseas podcast, Fightful Select, also reported the news that WWE has managed to block a new deal that FOX had struck with MLW, to bring more hours of wrestling into its schedule, with site reporters saying: "A source close to FOX that Fightful spoke to indicates that WWE is not at all in favor of the deal and that it was immediately set up on WWE's refusal to increase the hours.

As a result, the future of this agreement, with a third party, is now in doubt." Apparently, WWE would not want to increase the number of hours offered to FOX, if not for greater financial consideration, but at the same time, it does not want to for another pro-wrestling company to take over the programming of the sports channel.

While 2020 was impossible to predict, FOX and WWE realized that SmackDown is the most-watched pro wrestling television show in the United States, and viewership does not tell the whole story. The Fightful Select report also shot down another report that FOX wasn't "over the moon" at having to promote another company's streaming service, Peacock, for WWE pay-per-views. Sources with both companies stated that there is no issue.