What happened to Scarlett?

Karrion Kross hinted that Scarlett could return to WWE programming shortly

by Simone Brugnoli
What happened to Scarlett?

In recent months, several athletes and different characters have left the rings and screens of McMahon's company, some because released, some because he asked to be sent away and those who are still part of the WWE rosters, but continue to have problems of some kind, which does not allow him to fight or appear on the federation televisions.

Among the many absent, in the last period, there was also Scarlett, manager of Karrion Kross, as well as his girlfriend in real life, with the two who got engaged officially and confirmed how soon they will get married, after the beautiful Scarlett he said "yes".

Many of the fans of the WWE Universe, however, wonder what happened to Scarlett, who has appeared in several photos on social media, but who has been missing from the rings and the apron of the company, close to her future husband for months, since his last appearances at NXT now a few months ago, before the final landing on Raw.

To give us some very small clues, it was Karrion Kross, in his last interview.

Backstage news on Scarlett

Before debuting in NXT in 2020, Karrion Kross and Scarlett worked alongside each other in Mexico, and at independent events.

Asked if he finds it easier to work with or without a loved one, Kross said he prefers to have Scarlett by his side. Interviewed recently on Table Talk Podcast, Karrion Kross was obviously asked what happened to his beautiful manager from the heyday of NXT, with the former absolute champion of the yellow roster, who wanted to reveal: "What can I say? Let's see.

I mean without deliberately being too cryptic, we are waiting for something that will run its course shortly. So, she is very well and is training maniacally. As she always has. You might expect to see it anywhere, anytime." It is not known if with these words Karrion Kross wanted to imply that Scarlett is struggling with an injury or other problems, but the girl says she is fine and has returned to training, with the future on the main roster waiting for her, maybe even on the side of the wrestlers now and not just as a simple manager.

Karrion Kross was selected by RAW as the 17th overall pick on the second night of the 2021 WWE Draft. In his most recent televised match, the 36-year-old defeated Ricochet on this week's episode of Main Event.

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