Jim Cornette Believe WWE Tag Teams Will Do Better Once They Leave

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Jim Cornette Believe WWE Tag Teams Will Do Better Once They Leave

Professional Wrestling has produced some awesome tag teams over the years. The best tag teams usually use creative moves and use moves that are not possible in singles competition. The best tag teams can sometimes team up and beat one opponent during a match creatively, creating a few very exciting moments during that match.

A few tag teams of the WWE helped revolutionize TLC matches. The Hardy Boyz is an example of one such tag team. Unfortunately, tag teams are no longer as popular as they once were. Jim Cornette believes that this can be due to the environment of the WWE and that the promotion is simply not using its most talented tag teams well.

"Tag teams are not featured in the WWE on the same level as the top, main event, single stars and therefore, people get the perception that it's something that's to be seen on the middle of the card," Cornette stated on the Busted Open Radio.

He believes that a few tag teams need to leave the company and then they will do well. "The guys have the talent; they just don't right now have the right platform or the environment,” stated Cornette. It is true that we haven’t really seen a very good new tag team for such a long time in the WWE. The singles matches are taking the majority of the spotlight these days.