Jim Ross opens up on Triple H's nickname

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Jim Ross opens up on Triple H's nickname

Triple H was one of the most popular wrestlers of the modern era, having combined his talent in the ring with extraordinary charisma. The Game has progressively moved away from the scene in recent years, with the intention of devoting itself more to his executive role.

The 52-year-old from Nashua has personally contributed to the birth and development of NXT, which has established itself as a great alternative to the Raw and Smackdown shows. The 14-time world champion hasn't officially retired from wrestling yet, so it's likely we'll see a final round of jousting before saying goodbye.

HHH has received a large number of nicknames during his glorious career, most notably The Game and The King of Kings. During one of his famous entries into the ring, Jim Ross also referred to him as 'Cerebral Assassin' During the latest edition of his podcast, 'JR' recounted how Vince Mcmahon immediately loved the nickname given to his son-in-law.

Ross worked in WWE for 22 years between 1993 and 2019. Although best known for his commentary activity, Jim has also spent a lot of time backstage as Head of Talent Relations.

Jim Ross worked in WWE until 2019

"I have always considered Triple H to be an athlete of extraordinary intelligence, this is where the nickname 'The Cerebral Assassin' came from.

Vince McMahon loved it from the very first moment" - recalled current Aew commentator Jim Ross. Recently, WWE announced that The Game underwent heart surgery following a cardiac event. “I was blown away by the sensitivity and support I received from people.

I am recovering, everything is fine and I am deeply grateful for all the messages you have sent me. Special thanks to Shawn Michaels and all the NXT crew! See you soon” - wrote HHH on his Twitter profile. All that remains is to wish him a speedy recovery again.

Speaking on Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Sessions, Rollins recalled how NXT founder Triple H took exception to his backstage behavior at the time. “Terry is very old school in the sense that he thinks a certain way works, and part of that ideology is sort of shunning what is up and coming instead of embracing it," said Rollins.

"And I was always like, ‘Hey, the business is changing. You’ve gotta go with it. If you go against it, it’s not gonna help.’ I would just challenge him in little ways every day to the point where I was insubordinate, and Hunter [Triple H] took me aside and was like, ‘Look, I don’t see anything special in you...."

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