Big E recalls a past disagreement with WWE

The 2021 WWE Draft switched things up for both WWE RAW and SmackDown

by Simone Brugnoli
Big E recalls a past disagreement with WWE

WWE recently had a major change at the top of Monday Night Raw. Taking advantage of the briefcase conquered in the past Big E has cashed in the best way by intervening in the match between Bobby Lashley and Randy Orton and pinned the now former champion.

In this way, for the first time in his career, Big E became WWE Champion pinning the opponent with the Big Ending. The WWE Draft subsequently changed the dynamics of the two rosters and Big E was again isolated from the other two New Day members, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods.

Big E is a character who has always entertained the WWE Universe and that fans have always looked forward to. In the course of his beginnings in the company, the current WWE Champion made a curious as well as a particular statement.

He claimed he wanted a match against WWE's Hall of Famer Bill Goldberg but what caused a sensation was why Big E wanted this match and that is, he wanted to challenge Bill Goldberg to show to the audience two big men slapping each other.

This phrase was initially not very popular as it characterized a double meaning that for a company, which's very attentive to content for minors, could've been annoying. WWE did not approve of that phrase and all the merchandising inherent in that curious segment.

Big E recalls that sentence

During an interview with Comic Book, Big E spoke about those words and the merchandising on the match against Bill Goldberg. Here are the words on that sentence: "I don't want to talk about particular ways of working and moonsaults, I want to see great matches and two big men fighting, I want to see the flesh colliding.

This is what a kid wants to see when he sees Wrestling, not those classic five-star matches." Big E is now one of the highlights not only of Monday Night Raw but of the whole company and yet there was a time when these lines of his nice.

SmackDown has arguably been the easier show to watch due to better storylines. RAW, on the other hand, was the brand most in need of change. Now that the WWE Draft 2021 is in the books, how did RAW and SmackDown fair? Many stars switched brands, leaving some divisions in better shape than others. Here are the grades for the divisions of RAW following the 2021 WWE Draft.

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