Top WWE superstar isn't afraid of Roman Reigns

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Top WWE superstar isn't afraid of Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns has been WWE's main character for a year now. Since his return to the shows, the wrestler has literally destroyed anyone who has stood in his path and will soon be engaged in a challenge between giants against The Beast Incarnate Brock Lesnar.

The two will face off in Crown Jewel's Pay Per View in Saudi Arabia, but in the meantime, details about the future of the WWE Tribal Chief are already emerging. According to reports, Drew McIntyre will be the next opponent of Roman Reigns, a feud which, according to Dave Meltzer, has 'already' been written given the attitude of The Scottish Psychopath.

At the same time, Drew isn't the only one from the Draft who wants a 'piece' of Roman Reigns.

Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar is booked for Crown Jewel

In the first evening of the Draft, in the episode of Friday Night Smackdown last Friday, the sixth choice for the blue show was announced the Hit Row, a very interesting faction from NXT.

Among them is the new SmackDown superstar Top Dolla who talked about an interesting encounter with the current WWE Universal Champion. On the evening of the Draft various wrestlers met in the post evening at the well-known Jimmy's Famous Seafood restaurant.

Li Top Dolla met Roman Reigns and in a way challenged him. About her here are the words of her during the Jobbing Out podcast: "No one has yet to see what I am capable of, especially when they are faced with a great possibility.

I can emerge and I have already talked to Roman Reigns, we met at Jimmy's and I told him I can resist his Spear." Over the course of the Top podcast, Dolla said that what they saw at NXT is still little and he with the Hit Row are ready to prove their worth.

For now, however, the Hit Row remains at NXT as the choices of this Draft will come into force on October 22, precisely after Crown Jewel. On the latest edition of Sportskeeda Wrestling's Smack Talk, Dutch Mantell reviewed last night's episode of WWE SmackDown with Sid Pullar III and Rick Ucchino.

Here's what Mantell had to say about the current story brewing between The Bloodline and Brock Lesnar. "Roman's almost a babyface on his own. If they put the title on Brock, it's gotta be with the swerve with Heyman.

I think a big swerve is coming and I think [Paul Heyman turning on Roman Reigns] will be a good one because I think Roman is almost there and he could get a heel to work with for a while. You gotta have heels. If you don't have heels, your babyfaces are dead," said Dutch Mantell.