The Rival Talk about Strowman’s DQ and Tag Team Rules

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The Rival Talk about Strowman’s DQ and Tag Team Rules

Professional wrestling is all about entertainment and most of the time big promotions like the WWE manage to deliver high quality entertainment. Most hardcore fans know that professional wrestling matches aren’t real competition.

The outcomes of the matches are pre-determined and storylines dictate who is going to win or lose. Professional wrestling does have rules and most of the time those rules are broken. A few storylines involve one wrestler breaking those rules.

Heel wrestlers usually are the ones that are selected to break the rules and play dirty in order to get more heat. Recently, Braun Strowman was disqualified during a tag team match for attacking Baron Corbin. Corbin was the legal man, and Strowman was not the legal man.

Strowman got disqualified when he entered the ring and started attacking Corbin. Now, an illegal man attacking a legal man has happened many times before! A disqualification rarely happens! Many fans believed that this is a new rule that has been implemented.

According to the Revival, the rule always existed but was loosely followed. Dashiel Wheeilder wrote on his Twitter account: “Everyone that thinks it’s a “new rule” that each team can only break up one pin attempt per tag match, shows how little the rules have been explained and how disregarded they’ve been over the years”.

Only a handful of people might have seen a wrestler getting disqualified for attacking the legal man when he/she is illegal though.