Edge and Seth Rollins come to a showdown

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Edge and Seth Rollins come to a showdown
Edge and Seth Rollins come to a showdown

In recent weeks, WWE has been broadcasting several segments and several clashes between its athletes, to set up the Crown Jewel card, the company's next big appointment, which, like every year, will arrive in Riyadh, the Saudi Arabian capital.

For the umpteenth time, in fact, the WWE crew will leave for a trip overseas, going to exhibit its Superstars in the rings of the Middle East, so as to be able to bring also the great performances of its wrestlers in the country of the Arab principality, which already different times he has seen some WWE-branded PPVs, such as Crown Jewel, in fact, or Super ShowDown.

Every year, WWE brings its crew to Saudi Arabia, including great legends like The Undertaker, Triple H, Goldberg or Brock lesnar, to put on a unique show and on October 21st, the story will will repeat. After seeing Goldberg accept the challenge thrown at him by Bobby Lashley, or Roman Reigns, who will defend his title from the attack of Brock Lesnar, a new match has been made official by the Stamford-based company in the last hours, the one between Edge and Seth Rollins.

During the final episode of this week's Friday Night Smackdown, Edge was challenged by Seth Rollins to a Hel in a Cell match, which should finally put an end to their feud, after months of fighting, from before Summerslam to now.

Seth Rollins will face Edge at Crown Jewel

After seeing the first two meetings between the two, one in the Big Four summer and one in Smackdown, now it's time for the "beautiful", with the two who should have faced each other at Crown Jewel, but until tonight it was not yet the official status arrived.

After hearing Rollins challenge Edge in a Hell in a Cell match, fans still did not have a precise idea of ​​where this clash would go, but WWE thought about it, in the last minutes, to confirm the date and scenario of the meeting in the cage.

With the following announcement, therefore, Edge vs Seth Rollins is also added to the Crown Jewel card, with the Arab ppv acquiring more and more star power and media redundancy with the great characters that are inserted from time to time on the show's card.

The Rated-R Superstar even told his wife not to step foot into the house, as he then mentioned that he would call Daniel and David to deal with Rollins and the chaos he had created.

Edge Seth Rollins

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