Bad defeat for Rey Mysterio

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Bad defeat for Rey Mysterio

King Of The Ring First Round match: Rey Mysterio vs Sami Zayn. Dominik Mysterio accompanies his father and, in the end, it is fundamental. Zayn is having the upper hand and removes the bearing, but Dom goes to readjust it and distracts the Canadian.

Rey hits the opponent but then decides to stop himself and scold his son for no good reason. Zayn knocks Mysterio out against Dominik and ... ROLLUP! .. 1 ... 2 ... 3! Nothing serious was happening this time. On the other hand, Mysterio was in a SmackDown Tag Team title feud against The Usos alongside his son, Dominik Mysterio.

The Mysterios were the SmackDown Tag Team champions, and The Usos defeated them for the same.

Rey Mysterio has the potential to become the WWE Champion

The first match of the eight-man King Of The Ring tournament happened on SmackDown.

It was a bout between Rey Mysterio and Sami Zayn, with Dominik Mysterio not present at ringside. Dominik Mysterio was presumably told not to interfere on SmackDown, and the 24-year-old said something inaudible. The match itself was going fine, and Dom felt the need to come out.

After the match, Sami gives us a taste of what King Sami would be like trying on the cape and crown in the most wrong way possible. Could it be a dig at the Arabs, given that the final will be held in Crown Jewel, a territory that has always been hostile to Zayn? The duo was drafted to RAW, but what could have been their SmackDown farewell turned out to be a rotten one.

Dominik tried helping his father, but things went awry, and Sami Zayn got a cheap roll-up pin over the Lucha legend on SmackDown to advance to the semi-finals of the King of The Ring tournament. It was a failure for Rey Mysterio, but the storyline of possible dissent will spill over to RAW.

Now, WWE Drafted Rey Mysterio to Monday Night Raw, and then put up a video of the moment when he actually secured the title after pinning The Miz. In fact, the company referred to this moment as a “classic” and wondered if it will be repeated.

While WWE meant if Rey Mysterio will become the WWE Champion again or not, it massively backfired. Fans on Twitter immediately responded, reminding the company what happened with John Cena an hour later. To the fans, this was definitely not a classic moment!