Incredible statistics for Roman Reigns

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Incredible statistics for Roman Reigns
Incredible statistics for Roman Reigns (Provided by Wrestling World)

Since his return about a year and a half ago in the Pay Per View of SummerSlam 2020 Roman Reigns has taken on a new character and his role as Tribal Chief and main Heel of the company has literally made WWE fans crazy. His numbers are extraordinary, in this period he became champion and has never been pinned and managed to claim several illustrious victims in his reign.

From the Triple Threat Match won at Wrestlemania 37 pinning both Edge and the now ex WWE Daniel Bryan together to the great match won at SummerSlam against John Cena and the Boston star could be the next goal for the Tribal Chief.

Amazing numbers for Roman Reigns

Is Paul Heyman lying to Roman Reigns? That's the big question on the WWE Universe’s mind heading into The Tribal Chief’s Universal Championship match against Brock Lesnar at Crown Jewel.

The Tribal Chief, leader of the Bloodline at SmackDown, is the main wrestler of Vince McMahon's company and as Paul Davis of reports, WWE is thrilled with his work within the company, excited about his reign as Heel.

Furthermore, a fact that certifies Roman Reigns' overwhelming power in WWE is the fact that the wrestler is the Heel in the history of the company with the highest number of merchandise sold. What's even more impressive though is the relationship to John Cena: The Leader of the Chain Gang was WWE's main name during the PG era, but he was a Babyface.

Roman Reigns is close enough to hit John Cena's record for merchandise sales, the highest in WWE history; an impressive situation considering that we are talking about a Heel and that it is about to reach the greatest Babyface in WWE history.

John Cena and Roman Reigns competed in SummerSlam 2021 Pay Per View with Roman legitimizing himself as WWE's 'The Guy' At the end of that match, the returning Brock Lesnar made his appearance in the company and Roman Reigns will face The Beast Incarnate in a highly anticipated match valid for the title in the Pay per View of Crown Jewel, scheduled in a few days in a show at the abroad in Saudi Arabia.

Vince McMahon gave Paul Heyman a Personal Performance Review during an in-ring segment on the January 28, 2013 episode of RAW. Leading up to the segment, Brad Maddox and The Shield interfered in CM Punk’s matches in an attempt to help him retain the WWE Championship.

Paul Heyman, Punk’s advocate at the time, told McMahon he did not have any association with the four men.

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