Latest update on The Rock's future

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Latest update on The Rock's future
Latest update on The Rock's future

For months now, even years, a feud and a match have been built around the figure of Roman Reigns that at this point we do not know if they will ever arrive, those against his elder cousin, a planetary star, who has become the highest-paid actor of Holywood: The Rock.

Since Roman Reigns' edition of Royal Rumble, when WWE sent The Rock to try to overthrow the Shield Hound, this match has been rumored week after week, with next year's edition of Wrestlemania looking like have become the perfect scenario to stage this event, with the Showcase of the Immortals coming to Dallas, so why not set up the match between the Tribal Chief and The Rock right there, where Rocky could receive a huge ovation, after having beaten one of the most important characters of the last two years of WWE? Apparently, however, according to the latest rumors arrived online from the usual wrestling-based information sites, WWE may never have considered the idea of ​​broadcasting this match at Wrestlemania in 2022, with some clues that in fact distance the two cousins ​​from the next edition of the most followed ppv in the world.

Backstage news on The Rock

According to reports in the last few hours by the well-known site Ringside News, speaking with several employees of the WWE creative team, no one would ever have been asked to work on the dream match between Reigns and The Rock, a sign that in WWE it was never even mentioned.

the idea. At the moment, that fight could still come to the Wrestlemania ring in Dallas, but for now, WWE would be working on everything but that, with the presence of Rocky coming well sooner, which is the annual edition of the Survivor Series.

as suggested by the well-known journalist Andrew Zarian instead. After the fight with Crown Jewel's Brock Lesnar, we should understand a little better how this story will end, with a Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns 2, which could arrive at Wrestlemania 38, just as the match against the cousin could end up much more.

famous, but for the moment in WWE, everything is still at stake, on the high seas. Ross, WWE’s former Head of Talent Relations, spoke about the two men on the latest episode of his Grilling JR podcast. In one highlight, Ross discussed the mutual respect the two stars shared, and he disclosed The Rock’s amusing nickname for his former in-ring rival.

“They respected each other so much," said Ross. "I remember Rock’s favorite nickname for Steve was Baldy. He’d come up to me and say, ‘How’s Baldy today?’ I’d say, ‘He’s the same as always… cranky, intense… Baldy.’ It’s funny how you get all these little nicknames that never make air, so to speak, but that’s just out of friendship and team camaraderie."

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