Could AJ Lee be back in the ring soon?

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Could AJ Lee be back in the ring soon?

AJ Lee's name has been making a comeback in recent days, following the announcement that the former WWE superstar would join the 'Women Of Wrestling' team. Although her role could only be that of a WOW commentator, many are wondering if it will be possible to see her again in the ring someday.

A few weeks ago, her husband CM Punk explained very clearly why Lee had not been able to find a place in wrestling for the past six years. “The main reason is her neck. This is the problem that she forced her to stop fighting.

Her neck situation is very bad and nobody wants her to jeopardize her health. It makes no sense to continue talking about it” - the new AEW icon had ruled. During a recent interview with Izzy from Women Of Wrestling, it was AJ herself who finally touched on this topic.

AJ Lee last wrestled in 2015

AJ Lee (real name - AJ Mendez) last wrestled in 2015. Due to a neck injury and the fulfillment of her goals, she stepped away from life in the squared circle to pursue other interests. “I repeat the same thing in every single interview: I don't rule out being back in the ring one day, never say never, but people have to realize that the odds are low.

Physically, mentally and emotionally I am quite healed of everything I have been through in the last few years, but my generation is now at an end. There are so many new boys and girls who deserve to explode. I don't think there is a need for me in the ring right now" - admitted the former Divas Champion, who left WWE and wrestling in general in 2015.

In his autobiography, AJ Lee said he realized everything he had ever wanted in this business. CM Punk echoed: “I understand that a lot of people want to see her in action again, but that time has passed by now. He is working on a million different projects, the idea of ​​returning to the ring is not present in his mind at this stage.

She is engaged in the television adaptation of her book and is devoting herself a lot to the screenplays of the films." In addition to her executive producer role, the former WWE Superstar will also do color commentary for Women of Wrestling down the line.

During her time away from the industry, AJ Lee has pursued writing projects while also making a name for herself as an advocate for mental health awareness and animal welfare.