Stephanie McMahon receives a beautiful award

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Stephanie McMahon receives a beautiful award

One of the most influential female personalities in the world of pro-wrestling, both on-screen and behind the scenes of WWE, was undoubtedly Stephanie McMahon, defined as the Billion Dollar Princess of the McMahon-owned company, for being born into a wealthy American family, with the father who was the creator of the world power that is WWE as we know it today.

After inheriting part of the company from her father, Stephanie McMahon has taken some very important steps in the management of the Stamford federation, coming to make very important decisions, for the future of the company and also for the historical component of the pro-wrestling world, which was partly revolutionized by her.

The latest honor for Stephanie was her inclusion in the most important women on the planet, who cover the role of CMO of a large company, with Steph coming in second place on that list, second only to Netflix's number one.

In addition, in recent days, Stephanie has also been included in another important Hall of Fame, in which she figures as the first and historic manager/female executive in the history of this category.

Stephanie McMahon enters the International Sports HOF

With thanks and congratulations from her father's company, arrived on Twitter, we learn that Stephanie McMahon was the first female executive and non-wrestler to enter the International Sports Hall of Fame, one of the most prestigious Arks in the Glory of the sporting world, with pro-wrestling always being excluded from these categories.

Thanks to her contribution to the sports world, Stephanie thus ended up in the Hall of Fame, also thanks to the continuous contribution that Steph gives to the world of altruism and charity, as well as the sports one. "Congratulations Stephanie McMahon for being the first female executive to be inducted into the International Sports Hall of Fame." Another huge milestone for Vince McMahon's daughter, who will likely have the company in the future after her father leaves the presided throne for over 40 years.

During the interview, Stephanie McMahon discussed how she was motivated to work in the creative team for WWE. She stated that she always wanted to take on roles that challenged her. The Chief Brand Office noted that she has always wanted to be a part of the business, and the creative side of wrestling caught her interest.

“Throughout my career, I’ve taken on new roles that I never thought I would be able to do," said McMahon. "I was the head of our creative writing team, and when I was first brought into that position, I was one of the writers.

And I was told maybe in a couple years time, I would become a manager or something like that."