Vince Russo reveals the greatest performer ever

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Vince Russo reveals the greatest performer ever

Vince Russo was the WWE head writer between 1997 and 1999. He is credited with having created some of the most memorable angles seen on TV during the famous 'Attitude Era', ie the period of maximum popularity of the federation in every corner of the world.

His work also helped WWE Raw outperform WCW Nitro in the so-called 'Monday Night Wars' Russo then left the Stamford-based company to join WCW, where he served with various breaks until 2000. Two years later, Vince returned to WWE as a special consultant.

Within a couple of weeks, a long series of creative differences led him to sign a contract with fledgling TNA, in which he worked for nearly a decade. During a recent interview with Wrestle Buddy, Russo touched on a wide range of wrestling-related topics.

Having had the opportunity to interact with numerous legends of this business, he was asked to select the best performer ever.

Vince Russo pays tribute to HBK

"Shawn Michaels was undoubtedly the greatest performer I've ever worked with" - Vince Russo replied without hesitation.

“I can think of so many other great talents like Mick Foley, The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Undertaker and the members of DX, but I put HBK in the first place. Our writing level had to be excellent at the time, otherwise, we would have risked destroying absolute icons of modern wrestling" - he added.

The conversation then turned to Kevin Owens, whose talent is fading as the months go by. “Can I ask a very simple question? What is Kevin Owens' character? I know he is from Canada, but after years I still don't understand his real nature.

WWE should have introduced him as the guy next door if you know what I mean. Instead, they gave him the nickname 'Prizefighter', which has absolutely nothing to do with his character." Almost a month ago, Vince Russo stated that he reached out to Vince McMahon to offer his services.

He has now revealed that Vince McMahon wrote back saying there was "no heat" between the two parties. "It's really weird with Vince because we don't have a relationship. So I wrote to him and here's what I said, 'Do I have any heat with you? Because if I do, I don't know what that heat is and I don't understand why it's kind of like Vince Russo has become the enemy.

So can you explain that to me?' So bro, Vince [McMahon] did write me back. He says, 'You have no heat whatsoever.' I said, 'Okay fine. If I have no heat, I'm just offering this to you. If you want me to take a look at the show, critique it, If you want me to look at certain characters or whatever, I'm definitely open to doing that,'" said Vince Russo.