Why did WWE leave the Hall of Fame in the late 1990s?

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Why did WWE leave the Hall of Fame in the late 1990s?

Many may not know it, but in the late 90s and early 2000s, more precisely from 1996 to 2004, WWE no longer held its famous Hall of Fame ceremony, with the legends of the company not being placed in the ark of glory of the company, in those years.

This stop came in conjunction with the famous Attitude Era, in which everything was much more raw and bloody, as never before in the rings of the then WWF, also given the huge competition from WCW and ECW, which were giving a lot of trouble to the McMahons.

In 2004, then, after eight years, the HOF ceremony returned as if nothing had ever happened, with the McMahon company returning to insert its legendary Superstars in the Hall of Famer list, born after the death of Andrè The Giant.

WWE: Why did the Hall Of Fame disappear?

In his latest interview on 6:05 Superpodcast with Brian Last, former WWE writer and editor Brian Solomon, who worked with WWE for a period of time from 2000 to 2007, wanted to tell the reasons which prompted the McMahons to abandon the Hall of Fame ceremony for several years, only to return it later.

In his speech, Solomon in fact told: "In this part, we understand what prompted WWE to bring the Hall of Fame back. Here we understand that part of the exchange. It was all a bit strange at the time, but perhaps seeing Hulk Hogan coming back could have awakened the 'nostalgia' market, which has therefore led to the return of the Hall of Fame.

This says a lot about what they did. They left the Hall of Fame exactly when the Attitude Era began. One of the reasons they staged the first Hall of Fame in the 1990s was because the business wasn't doing very well. They tried to move the nostalgia effect to get the shack back on its feet and when they realized it was no longer needed, they abandoned it.

Then when the business went down again, they got back in the saddle, with the nostalgia product, to make money." It's the WWE and rules change at every given opportunity, but at least in theory, WWE does not induct wrestlers who’re still actively wrestling, into the Hall of Fame.

This is why absolute legends such as The Rock, The Undertaker. and Kane are still not a part of the Hall of Fame, despite being invaluable to the world of sports entertainment. Because it is not a real-watertight clause, there have been exceptions to this rule, as a couple of wrestlers still make active wrestling appearances despite their induction.