*Spoiler* Austin Theory started his push

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*Spoiler* Austin Theory started his push

In recent weeks, WWE has focused a lot on building new recruits coming from NXT on the main roster, but also on building the next great athletes of the future, right on the roster on Tuesday night, after the second version of the new NXT has started.

WWE branded. In the last episodes of the show broadcast on USA Network, in fact, several young athletes were presented who had been under contract with McMahon for a while, with some names still quite unknown, which will slowly break into the hearts of fans, as a success.

before them with characters who then became great legends. With this new debut of NXT, some already important names of the third WWE brand have however moved to the main roster, such as Austin Theory, who thus made his return to Monday Night Raw, where he was already fighting until last year, when he was in stable with Andrade, Zelina Vega and Angel Garza.

Apparently, the WWE management's said to have huge plans for him, with his arrival on Raw joining the legendary Jeff Hardy, who also had a match with him in the red show ring tonight.

Austin Theory made his debut on Raw

Former WWE writer Vince Russo has clarified that his recent comments about Austin Theory were not made with any ill intent.

Tonight, we witnessed the first showdown in the ring between the former EVOLVE champion and the former WWE Champion, with Jeff Hardy coming out defeated from their fight. This great victory therefore seems to be the famous start of the push for the former NXT athlete, with the management that seems to have great hopes for him, especially Vince McMahon.

Although there was also interference from all the mid-carding, in pursuit of Reginald, to steal the title 24/7, in the end Austin still prevailed over Jeff Hardy, sending fans even more into a rage. Charismatic Enigma, who now does nothing but lose match after match in the WWE ring.

We'll see how this feud evolves too, with many insiders and many fans hoping that Jeff Hardy brings back the role of Willow, even in the WWE rings, as happened years ago on those of TNA. Using Val Venis’ 1998 debut as an example, Vince Russo said WWE should have re-debuted Theory after weeks of vignettes hyping his return to RAW.

“Why do I say that?” Russo continued. “I say that because I was the guy that produced weeks and weeks and weeks of Val Venis vignettes before you ever saw him. And then when he walked out on that stage for the first time and I was in the arena, the roof blew off the place.

So, Austin, you’ve gotta understand what I’m saying. This is not against you. They put you out there as just another guy, and casual viewers like me… that’s how they’re gonna perceive you, bro”.