*Spoiler* Omos and AJ Styles should have split up

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*Spoiler* Omos and AJ Styles should have split up

One of the most victorious couples of the last year of Monday Night Raw was certainly the one formed by AJ Styles, former WWE champion and Omos, his gigantic bodyguard, with the two who also reached the belts of couple champions of the red roster and who held them for several months in the rings of the McMahon-owned company red show.

For Omos, the very first match in the Raw rings seen a few months ago, was actually his very first match arrived in front of the cameras of the Stamford-based company, as the wrestler had never made his debut on TV and moreover he didn't even know how much familiar with the ring, having only trained in the WWE backstage training rings and having very little experience.

Apparently, in the last few weeks there has been a lot of talk about a split between the two, with Omos and AJ Styles that could collide sooner or later, but with the WWE that has currently blocked these plans, precisely because of Omos's inability to take his first steps in WWE alone.

Backstage news on Omos and AJ Styles

In the last few hours, new details would emerge regarding the moves WWE wanted to make with its Draft. According to the well-known site WrestleVotes, WWE wanted to split the pair between the two former tag team champions, but then changed their mind, not seeing Omos ready to go single.

In the latest update of the well-known site, we read in fact: "WWE seriously considered splitting the two athletes AJ Styles and Omos during the draft. Those were the plans initially. Eventually, the people of power (including some Raw talent) talked and expressed their thoughts about Omos and the fact that he is not quite ready to take his first single steps yet.

So they listened to them." At the moment, therefore, there will be no split between the two, but in a few months it is likely that WWE will build a possible segment with an attack between one of the two team members, which will then lead to the split to then see AJ Styles return to single and to try to get the career of the black giant of Raw off the ground, once and for all.

Russo, a former WWE, WCW, and IMPACT Wrestling writer, recently spoke to Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Dr. Chris Featherstone about his time working with Woods. He recalled how Styles pushed for TNA to bring Woods in because they previously worked together on the independent circuit.

“He was cool, bro," said Russo. "He really got [understood] the job. I mean, AJ was petitioning hard for him because AJ had worked with him a lot on the indies, and we really brought him in on AJ’s recommendation.

He was cool, bro, very green at the time. He looked a lot like a young Apollo Creed, but he was real good, real easy to work with."