Sheamus takes a shot at Cristiano Ronaldo


Sheamus takes a shot at Cristiano Ronaldo

Many times, the world of pro-wrestling, especially that of WWE and the world of football, like many other worlds of sport, from NBA to football, including baseball, meet, with several superstars of the McMahon-owned company.

It is not new, in fact, that some superstar of the McMahon-owned company, goes to find some great team to retire, such as Manchester United, Inter Milan or Juventus, when WWE lands in Europe or all WWE world titles, given away once the respective teams won the series they belonged to, with custom logos on the sides.

Apparently, sometimes there is also some hatred between WWE Superstars and footballers, like Wade Barrett getting slapped by footballer Wayne Rooney, a few years ago. This time, however, we are talking about a player who is considered by many to be one of the best in the world at the moment.

Let's talk about Cristiano Ronaldo and the words that Sheamus wanted to spend for him. In his latest interview, the former WWE Champion, Sheamus, wanted to talk about the former Juventus player, Cristiano Ronaldo, with his speech to BT Sport.

Sheamus slams Cristiano Ronaldo

Sheamus said, "Is Ronaldo one of the greatest players ever? Absolutely not, he's not. But he is definitely a world-class player and one of the best of the last decade. But even when he throws a punishment, it's all about the camera, you know what I mean? Raise your shirt, 'Where's the camera?' Even if he has to take a free kick or a penalty.

I don't want to destroy him or say I hate him, but he knows exactly what he is doing. It would only last 5 seconds in a ring. He's too soft, he's too soft, man. These players only go down with the wind blowing or a blade of grass hitting them, they wouldn't last two minutes.

I mean, he's a well-rounded showman, but he's got nothing else. He has no physicality, that is what I mean." Wrestling veteran and former OVW manager Kenny Bolin mentioned that Sheamus had a good run in WWE because of his close ties with Triple H.

“I got no use for Sheamus. Shameless is what I call him. Shameless that anybody watches his matches. He might be a nice guy, I know Triple H adores him. In my opinion, the only reason he's still with the company is that Triple H likes him, they’re workout buddies and all that stuff.

He just don’t sell me any tickets. Not in the dark match, not in the mid-card, not in the opening and certainly not anywhere near the main event”.

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