Vince Russo believes WWE should take on two legends

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Vince Russo believes WWE should take on two legends

The 2021 edition of the WWE Draft took place over two evenings (October 1 in SmackDown and October 4 in Raw) and gave several twists. The Stamford federation, which has had to deal with the harsh effects of the global pandemic, is trying in every way to get back on top and capture the attention of the public again.

The rise of All Elite Wrestling has certainly not helped Vince McMahon's company, which has been forced into a large number of releases over the past year and a half. Tony Khan instead managed to engage two absolute phenomena of the caliber of CM Punk and Daniel Bryan (now Bryan Danielson).

As if that weren't enough, the ratings war has rewarded AEW so far, especially in the 18 to 49-year-old demographic. In a lengthy Sportskeeda interview, Vince Russo - who was WWE's head writer in the late 1990s - explained how WWE would benefit from recruiting legends of the past to work behind the scenes.

“The situation is very critical in WWE, even if no one wants to admit it. All Elite Wrestling is taking over and Vince McMahon has no idea how to turn the tide” - began Vince Russo.

Vince Russo on the future of WWE

“From my point of view, two people like Eric Bischoff and Jim Cornette should be hired immediately.

Kurt Angle's name also comes to mind, as well as a number of consultants to work backstage. The union of these characters is the only way to revive the fortunes of the company" - he added. Despite the very complicated situation, Vince McMahon has no intention of stepping aside.

“If All Elite Wrestling were to constantly humiliate WWE in their ratings, Vince's pride would take a huge hit. Money and business are no substitute for Vince McMahon's huge ego. The next few months will be essential to understand something more in this sense.

I only reiterate you not to underestimate Vince's ego." The latest episode of Sportskeeda Wrestling's Legion of RAW was explosive as always, with Vince Russo pulling no punches regarding the current state of WWE's Monday night show.

"Bro, I am telling you, something is being done purposely. Bro, did you see how they lit her to make her look? She looked hideous. The shadows on her face! Bro, the shadows on her face made her look hideous! Bro, they lit her that way.

These are professional lighting people! They lit her to look hideous. If I'm Charlotte Flair and I watch this show back, I am cutting a promo like, 'Are you kidding me? I'm supposed to be a star on your television show, and that's how you're going to light me?' Oh my god, bro, it was horrible," revealed Vince Russo.