Bubba Ray talks about his latest WWE experience

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Bubba Ray talks about his latest WWE experience

After separating from WWE in 2006, the Dudley Boyz finally made their long-awaited return to the Stamford-based company in the summer of 2015. Fans had high expectations for their return, but it appears that Bubba Ray and D-Von Dudley are back in a completely different WWE than they were a part of a few years ago.

During a recent appearance on Stories with Brisco and Bradshaw, Hall of Famer WWE, Bubba Ray Dudley, spoke about his latest experience with the company, explaining why his latest venture in the Stamford-based federation did not go as he wished:

Bubba Ray on his latest WWE experience

"When D-Von and I left in 2006, I remember what WWE was like.

But when we returned in 2015, it was nothing like it used to be. I felt suffocated, I was no longer free. This is because almost everything is managed by an agent. You are told that two Superstars can no longer fly down stairs or feed a return, or that you cannot do anything behind the referee's back.

Everything that worked in the Attitude era and that made us all a lot of money, could not be done anymore because it was no longer in style. And there really wasn't a good reason why they didn't want to do certain things anymore.

They just didn't want to, end." Bubba also recounted the experience he had with an agent: "I remember once something different came to mind, I asked my agent to go and propose it to Vince. The agent accepted, I followed him for some time, but he never really spoke to him.

Then he came up to me and told me that Vince didn't want to. I lost all respect for him. I preferred to say to my face 'I don't want to go talk to Vince now, go do it yourself' But this was not the case. In the past Vince also offered me the role of producer but I refused, I would never have felt satisfied with that role from a creative point of view."

Meanwhile, speaking on Stories with Brisco and Bradshaw, Bully Ray said he has also been approached about the backstage position. However, he turned down Vince McMahon's offer because he thinks the role is not what it used to be.

“Vince has offered me a position in the past. He has told me, ‘When you’re ready, I’d love to have you here as a producer.’ I don’t think the job is the same job it used to be when you [Gerald Brisco] were a producer or an agent.

I believe the producers and agents now just kind of carry the marching orders of creative to the boys, and I don’t think the boys have as much input into things these days,” Bully Ray said.