Drew McIntyre wants to face Brock Lesnar again

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Drew McIntyre wants to face Brock Lesnar again

Over the past couple of years, we've seen and witnessed Drew McIntyre rise to the Monday Night Raw main event, with the former 3MB athlete, who in a matter of months went from mid-carding the red show to winning the Royal Rumble and then to become WWE Champion in Wrestlemania 36, ​​with his opponent for the occasion which was Brock Lesnar, in his last match before the momentary hiatus of over a year taken by WWE.

Precisely at Wrestlemania 36, ​​there was the consecration of Drew McIntyre as the main eventer, with the Scotsman who, however, failed to win in front of his audience in flesh and blood, due to the global pandemic that had arrived a few months earlier in upset all the plans of the McMahons and the rest of the pro-wrestling world.

Apparently, after having spent two very difficult years, McIntyre would like to try again, with the Scotsman from Monday Night Raw, who will soon be in the ring of Friday Night Smackdown thanks to the Draft, which in fact launched his new challenge, always in the against former Wrestlemania 36 opponent: Brock Lesnar.

Drew McIntyre on facing Brock Lesnar

In his last speech on the microphones of WWE The Bump, secondary broadcast of the Stamford company, Drew McIntyre wanted to talk once again about the match that made him famous all over the world, that is the main event of the 2020 edition of Wrestlemania, gone aired without an audience from the Orlando Performance Center, with Drew wanting to say: "I've always been excited to go into the ring with the absolute best of the company.

There are very few who are as good or as physical as Brock Lesnar, at Wrestlemania, I beat him in just five minutes. But I would like to have the opportunity to go face to face with Brock once again, in front of a live audience."

Meanwhile Speaking in a YouTube Q&A, JBL said Brock Lesnar unselfishly asked to lose the match because he knew his opponent had friends in the crowd. “I was working with Brock in Abilene and I said, ‘Hey, Brock, I wanna talk to you,’ and he goes, ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah, your college buddies are here.

I’m gonna put you over.’ I said, ‘Brock, they don’t care who goes over. I couldn’t care less. You win, I win, it doesn’t matter.’ I said, ‘We’re going to a place afterwards,’ and so that’s what I was telling him,” JBL said.