Fenix suffers a Brutal Injury at an Event

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Fenix suffers a Brutal Injury at an Event

The best independent wrestlers of the world perform high risk moves to entertain the fans. Sometimes those moves can go horribly wrong. Are they really worth the risk? If a wrestler fails to sell tickets, he/she might get released by the promotion he/she works at.

Unfortunately, fans don’t get entertained easily these days, and the wrestlers need to take risks to fill the seats. Indie wrestling promotions make very little money and losing even a small amount of fans can be catastrophic.

Fenix works for Lucha Underground and is a very popular indie wrestler. He was present at All Elite Wrestling’s Ticket Party at Las Vegas. He has already signed with the company and will most likely wrestle at Double or Nothing.

He did get injured at a recent AAW event though and we do not know how serious the injury is. He failed to land properly after performing a springboard dive and apparently injured his head. The match was quickly brought to a finish after that and Fenix had to be stretchered out of the ring.

Fenix is scheduled to appear on Impact Wrestling’s main event on the 4th of April though. He will team up with Pentagon Jr. to take on Rob Van Dam and Sabu. Updates will be posted as soon as we get them as the injury looked serious! He may not be able to perform for a long time if that is so.