*Spoiler* Big E and Drew McIntyre involved in a conversation

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*Spoiler* Big E and Drew McIntyre involved in a conversation
*Spoiler* Big E and Drew McIntyre involved in a conversation

The approach to Crown Jewel continues, tonight the two Raw and SmackDown champions Becky and Charlotte Flair will face Bianca Belair and Sasha Banks together and a face to face is expected between WWE Champion Big E and Drew McIntyre.

This and much more assets. The Scottish Psychopath Drew McIntyre enters and tells us that we will all hear about the match at Crown Jewel because he will beat Big E and regain the title. Before going to SmackDown this is his last chance, but Big E enters.

Champion says he understands Drew, praises him for his qualities but will never beat him, so Drew will either take other paths or he will destroy him. The two continue to argue when, directly from SmackDown, the Usos make their entrance.

Drew McIntyre never got to celebrate in front of fans

The opening segment of WWE RAW this week saw Big E and Drew McIntyre involved in a conversation about their upcoming title match scheduled for Crown Jewel. McIntyre understandably pointed out that despite enjoying a prolonged title reign, he never got to celebrate in front of fans, and he is now chasing that moment.

The two brothers first argue over who will win the WWE Champion at Crown Jewel and then claim they are here to warn them. Roman Reigns will beat Brock Lesnar and they want to figure out who will be his next opponent in the Survivor Series, while they tease Big E causing the New Day and the WWE Champion to challenge them for a match.

The Tag Team accepted and tonight Usos against Drew McIntyre and Big E. After that, the Usos attack the two and then leave. They came out and tried to predict the winner between Big E and Drew McIntyre at WWE Crown Jewel PPV.

They also gave a warning to both the superstars and said that no matter whoever wins, Roman Reigns is ready for both of them. But ultimately, they challenged McIntyre and Big E to a tag team match, much to the excitement of the crowd.

The four superstars produced a good match as they went after each other. It was Big E who started the proceedings against The Usos. McIntyre and Big E looked to be in control until the ultimate twist came about. While McIntyre was preparing to hit his Claymore Kick, Big E tagged himself in from behind, much to McIntyre’s annoyance.

In the end, it was McIntyre who came out on top this time. He stood tall in the middle of the ring after hitting Big E with a Claymore Kick, following Big E’s failed attempt to hit a Big Ending on him.

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