*Spoiler* Air of separation between Mansoor and Mustafa Ali

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*Spoiler* Air of separation between Mansoor and Mustafa Ali

After the publicity of the first match for the King of The Ring tournament RICOCHET VS XAVIER WOODS (KING OF THE RING TOURNAMENT), Strong starts with elbows and shoulders Xavier Woods who seems to have the upper hand, Ricochet responds with a Superplex, outstretched arm of the wrestler and Xavier blocks the umpteenth blow, Ricochet's knee who tries a kick in the face, Xavier Woods avoids and with a Limit Breaker gets the victory.

Meanwhile, in the locker room Riddle announces to Orton that he has challenged Omos to a single match, Orton scolds him and tells him that he shouldn't have done it and that he won't be with him. Riddle obviously understands her in his own way and claims to have understood his partner's 'coded language'

This week, one of the tag team matches on WWE RAW saw Mustafa Ali and Mansoor take on newly reunited Hurt Business members, Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander. The blame entirely lies with the creative team, who didn't give either of the two teams enough time to showcase their in-ring prowess.

Although Ali and Mansoor did most with whatever little time they had, Benjamin and Alexander eventually emerged victoriously.

What's next for Mansoor and Mustafa Ali?

HURT BUSINESS VS MANSOOR AND MUSTAFA ALI: Ali and Shelton Benjamin start, fast tags with the Hurt Businesses that seem to be going better, Mansoor staggers Cedric Alexander and after Mustafa's dropkick hits him, Mansoor in the meantime blocks Shelton Benjamin with a dive, Mustafa goes on top of Cedric but misses him and this ends with a Michinoku Driver.

The WWE Hall of Famer came out last week and challenged Lashley to a fight. Now Bobby Lashley isn’t one of those to step away from a fight, so he gave what Goldberg wanted. Lashley agreed to face Goldberg at Crown Jewel in a “No Holds Barred” matchup.

However, the stipulation only excited the Hall of Famer to the point where he planned something so sinister that no one expected. Goldberg threatened to literally kill Bobby Lashley at Crown Jewel. “You know a lot of people ask me why I decided to challenge Goldberg to a No Holds Barred Match? Before I answer that question, did you see him standing in the middle of this ring and talk about ending my life? Goldberg said verbatim, I’m not only next, but that No Holds Barred gives him a license to kill, and that I am dead.

This kind of behavior is not befitting of a WWE superstar, not befitting of a Hall of Famer, and more so, it’s not behavior befitting of a father, which Goldberg claims to be”.