*Spoiler* Shayna Baszler returned to action

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*Spoiler* Shayna Baszler returned to action

The fight of the day at Queen's of the Ring also begins, here is the first match. DANA BROOKE VS SHAYNA BASZLER Dana starts strong, but Shayna dodges her and punches her, not only but also knees, Dana's shy reaction with Shayna who, however, ends up soon with a school-boy and a hard knee.

Meanwhile, the director immediately cuts to Charlotte Flair who says, 'Who cares' about Shayna Baszler, Flair is the greatest champion of the WWE and starts with insults towards her rivals.

Shayna Baszler returned to action on Raw

Shayna Baszler returned to action on WWE RAW this week for a singles match against Dana Brooke in the first round of the Queen's Crown tournament.

It was a brief and underwhelming encounter that predictably ended with Baszler's victory. MATT RIDDLE VS OMOS Riddle starts freaking out by talking about his rival and trying to call Randy Orton in vain. The match does not start as AJ Styles calls it ridiculous and says to start the match.

Matt attacks him, but Omos intervenes and hits him with a ChokeSlam. But AJ tells him not to quit and to have some fun, a couple more hits and Omos wins thanks to a ChokeBomb. After the match, they are two against one, but the music of Randy Orton who does not appear, Omos comes out of the ring and Randy hits with an RKO Styles!

Meanwhile, we see backstage Drew McIntyre and Big E, the two know that they will compete at Crown Jewel but tonight they say they will put everything aside to beat the Usos and send a clear warning to Roman Reigns. Bobby Lashley arrives in the ring, The All Mighty claims that Goldberg has crossed the line recently and that he used excessive terms for a legend of his caliber, 'I will kill him', at Crown Jewel he will put an end to all this and destroy him in a No Holds Barred Match!

WWE Raw and SmackDown Women’s Champions, Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch, respectively, went head to head against Bianca Belair and Sasha Banks this week on Monday Night Raw. Even before the match got underway, ‘The Boss’ and ‘The EST of WWE’ started quarreling about who would go first.

Both women pulled and pushed each other to the point where they actually started fighting. Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville, two WWE officials, walked out and summoned the wrestlers back into the ring for their match. At ringside, Lynch and Flair fought, while Belair and Banks rolled into the ring and ended up fighting before the commercial break.