Former WWE writer takes a shot at Sasha Banks

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Former WWE writer takes a shot at Sasha Banks

In the course of the last episode of Legion of Raw, former WWE booker Vince Russo has gone wild against the WWE, literally destroying much of the choices of the current first wrestling company in the world. We've already discussed broadcast scheduling criticism and superstar criticism but the former creative team member continued to go 'heavy down' This time Russo had heavy words towards SmackDown superstar Sasha Banks, who starred during 'latest episode of Raw with both a Tag Team match and a promo, which WWE has allowed all its rivals.

The Sasha Banks promo was the subject of criticism from Vince who made the following statements: "Chris, I have to ask you a question. Every week I present a show with my friend RD Reynolds and I do a show about Batman every week.

Now I've seen Raw, I've seen the Joker for a long time and I wanted to ask, but when did Sasha Banks become The Joker?" Russo then continued along the same lines by declaring:" Chris, when do you find yourself in the bank or at home with your wife, when does it happen to you? to talk and suddenly burst out laughing, perhaps making the Joker fake laugh? Guys, unless you're Cesar Romero, I don't understand what you're doing.

Nobody is understanding this, just cut the promo and nobody will see that fake laugh. In this way you make wrestling appear fake and stupid, we don't have to add that."

Vince Russo on Sasha Banks

During Crown Jewel's upcoming WWE Pay per View in Saudi Arabia, Sasha Banks will compete for the title in a Triple Threat Match against Bianca Belair and champion Becky Lynch.

Currently, Sasha Banks is the only survivor of the blue roster while The Man and 'The Est' have been transferred to the Monday Night Raw roster. Sasha could soon come to a feud with Charlotte Flair, who has just moved into the blue roster instead.

Banks has been on hiatus from WWE with no apparent return date, but the former Women's Champion was recently listed as one of the featured stars of this year's SummerSlam on WWE's official website. Bayley suffered an ACL injury ahead of Money in the Bank last weekend which led to her Women's Championship match being scrapped and Carmella instead being handed back-to-back opportunities.

Bayley's injury means Bianca Belair has no challenger heading into SummerSlam, but both Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks are ready to make their return to the company.