Becky Lynch admits she thought about retirement

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Becky Lynch admits she thought about retirement

During the last year of the pandemic, one of the faces most missed by WWE Universe fans was undoubtedly that of Becky Lynch, former champion of Monday Night Raw, who had to relinquish her title, when she was still the reigning champion, to Asuka, due to her first pregnancy, which kept her out of the picture for over a full year.

At Summerslam 2021, however, Becky Lynch surprised everyone by surprisingly reappearing in a titled match against Bianca Belair, with the champion of the blue show who was shocked by this presence, so much so that she lost in a few seconds against The Man.

A little more than a year after the Raw title was vacated, Becky Lynch found herself winning a world title again, in just a few seconds of the match.

Becky Lynch's married to fellow WWE Superstar Seth Rollins

While Becky Lynch is an arrogant heel on WWE television, she recently broke character to share how motherhood has changed her perspective on social media.

In her latest interview, the Friday Night Smackdown champion wanted to reveal how she also thought about never returning to fight in the WWE rings during her maternity leave, with The Man speaking to Out of Character. podcast: "Sometimes, I think I'm greedy for free kicks because I always love challenges.

By leaving, I knew that I would lose my place at the top, so it was a challenge. I always see everything from below, like Rocky and ran to him, right? Coming back, how could this be a Rocky movie? I love these challenges, to leave and come back after a year and a half, and when I came back I really wanted to see if I was still able to do what I was doing.

If everything had changed, I probably would have gone home. I do not know. I didn't know anything about my return, but genuinely I came back even more hungry. My thoughts on returning were 60%. I knew that for that percentage I would be back, but there is always that 40%.

I didn't know what I would be like as a mother. I know how I have been for years as a single woman with no priorities, but as a mother and as a person in charge of a child, I did not know what I would be like and things change a lot, so I had to change myself too and you wonder, 'You know what, maybe it would be right to stay home now.'

But I don't want to stay at home." Becky Lynch recently said on Out of Character with Ryan Satin that she put her daughter to bed right after that opening segment and then re-appeared on RAW to do commentary for Bianca Belair vs. Charlotte Flair.