Dean Ambrose Talks About His Crazy Fans

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Dean Ambrose Talks About His Crazy Fans

Professional wrestlers are like real life heroes for some of their fans. They are like a superhero character, and their fans genuinely love them. The fans follow their favorite wrestlers on social media and try their best to show up all of their events.

Some fans can get crazy sometimes and jump the barricade to get close to their favorite wrestlers. Other times, fans may stop wrestlers on the streets or at the airport to get pictures with them when they are in a hurry. Dean Ambrose is a wrestler that knows a thing or two about crazy fans and he talked about them at the The Major Wrestling Figure Podcast.

He stated that he doesn’t like to be stopped for signing autographs unless he is at an event that is meant for exactly that. He doesn’t like people bothering him! "So I'm always first introduced to this stuff by signing [action figures] at signing events...I'm all about fans, I've got all the time in the world for fans," Ambrose said.

“But, some of these people ruin it for everybody. Come to a signing! I'll sign all your sh-- at a signing”. Just like the average working man, wrestlers do like their privacy and want to lead normal lives outside of the ring as well. Of course, some fans simply do not allow it and fame has a price that a person needs to pay.