WWE ratings are still collapsing

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WWE ratings are still collapsing

Despite the return of the public to the stands in recent months, the situation for WWE is not the best. Once again the numbers regarding WWE's historic Monday show, the infamous Monday Night Raw, got quite disappointing ratings.

The main problem for the red show was the concomitance with very important matches of American Football but the situation for the WWE regarding the ratings has not been flourishing for some time and with the exception of small peaks, the red show, in particular, continues to have slowdowns and is even less followed by the 'All Elite Wrestling.

As reported by Brandon Thurston of WrestleNomics, the latest episode of Monday Night Raw had an average viewer of 1,582 million for the USA Network and down from 1,857 million viewers last week. A clear decline that is only partially analyzed by the competition issue.

Here is the hourly breakdown of the TV ratings of the last episode of Monday Night Raw: Now 1: 1.641 million compared to 1.949 last week Now 2: 1.516 million compared to 1.902 last week Now 3: 1,588 million compared to 1,721 last week.

WWE: Update on Monday Night Raw

The last episode of Raw was the one with the lowest ratings since last July 5th, which even reached 1.472 million spectators and which concerned the last episode of the company without an audience and played within the ThunderDome.

Raw ranked eighth in the top 150 cable shows of the night and dropped to seventh on last week's rankings. Once again, Major League Baseball DJ matches and NFL matches dominated with the latter, which even got over 11 million spectators.

Beyond the competition, it seems evident that Raw gives a period of time there is a lack of creativity and former booker Vince Russo himself recently attacked the creative team for the latest broadcasts. The WWE Universe has been fortunate in recent years to see the rise of two of the greatest factions in the history of the company: The Shield and The Wyatt Family.

While many WWE fans will remember the former for a long time to come, The Wyatt Family were a huge part of The Shield's success. Daniel Bryan was an honorary member of The Wyatt Family for around two weeks. After a lengthy feud with the group, Bryan went on to join the team, a decision that didn't go down well with the WWE Universe.

But just two weeks later, he changed his mind and turned on The Wyatt Family following a steel cage match against The Usos. Bryan went on to be pushed into the company's main event when he stepped into a feud with The Authority.