Former WWE star praises Goldberg

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Former WWE star praises Goldberg

From the very beginning of his career, Goldberg has always been a polarizing and divisive wrestler. While some colleagues and fans appreciate the intense style of the WWE Hall of Famer, many others criticize him harshly for reckless and unprofessional approach.

During his long ride in this business, the Tulsa champion has achieved 313 wins out of 365 matches played, remaining undefeated for a total of 456 consecutive days. In that time frame, he took home 155 fights, even though WCW has 173.

After making his umpteenth comeback on Raw following Money in the Bank, Bill has started a heated feud with Bobby Lashley. The two clashed at SummerSlam, the most important PPV of the summer, where 'The All Mighty' brutally attacked Gage (Goldberg's son).

The former Universal Champion has sworn revenge on Lashley and we will see the final chapter of their rivalry at Crown Jewel on 21 October. In a long conversation on 'The Hannibal TV', former WWE and WCW superstar Shane Douglas - who wrestled Bill several times in the early 2000s - confided that he never had any problems during his matches with Goldberg.

Shane Douglas on Goldberg

“Bill Goldberg is a really great guy. I am happy to see that - despite the advancing age - he is still a high-level performer. I had a lot of fun working with him in WCW, even though I feel we weren't handled properly by the federation.

That rivalry could have become even more special and memorable,” said Douglas. Goldberg's matches - like Brock Lesnar's - are characterized by their short duration. “Bill has never been an athlete capable of 60 minutes in the ring, nor will he ever be.

The same goes for Brock Lesnar and others. They offer a different kind of show. They are very good at showing off their strengths, so it wouldn't make sense to leave them in the ring for too long." Until October 2019, Goldberg lived in his house in Bonsall, California, which he purchased in 2001.

He had purchased a mansion in 2001, which was the Mediterranean in style. The home was a large one set on 17.5 acres and was 4600 square feet. It also had a large swimming pool. Bonsall, California is located 15 miles north of San Diego, California.

Goldberg also has a large car collection as a result of which he had a 20 car garage. When he listed it for sale, the mansion was valued at $3.2 million.