Why has Santos Escobar not been moved to the main roster?

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Why has Santos Escobar not  been moved to the main roster?
Why has Santos Escobar not been moved to the main roster?

One of the most important characters of NXT mid-carding in recent months, was undoubtedly Santos Escobar, an athlete who until recently played in the independents, who became very famous in Mexico, under the guise of King Cuerno or El Hijo Del Fantasma, with the athlete who took his first steps in WWE with a mask, which he then decided to take off, to show his true face to the WWE Universe.

After taking off his mask, the athlete also managed to reach the title of lightweight champion of the McMahon-owned company, pulling up a stable together with Joaquin Wilde and Raul Mendoza, called Legado del Fantasma. In recent weeks, Escobar has had very important matches in the NXT rings, but has never managed to emerge properly in the McMahon rings, without being able to become NXT Champion and without being able to make the big leap to the main roster, on Raw.

or to Smackdown.

What's next for Santos Escobar?

In their last speech to the Wrestling Observer microphones, both journalists of the well-known overseas site, Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez wanted to analyze Santos Escobar's present, trying to understand why WWE has not already moved him to the main roster To the microphones of the latest Observer Newsletter, the two said: -Alvarez: "I am watching this match and I think of all the Hispanic Superstars who can speak English well and Santos Escobar is a great worker, he is a nice guy, with a great physique and he can speak English and he stands still.

- Meltzer: Yeah, that's why they signed with him and of course ... -Alvarez: I think it is because he is not two meters tall, but he is not even sixty meters. -Melter: He's not big and he's not even young." Apparently, according to what was reported by the two overseas journalists, WWE's not focusing much on Escobar as the great Superstar of the main roster, because the athlete would not be in the prime of life and would not have a great physique to bring in.

scene, as Vince has been searching for years. It is now well known that Vince McMahon loves giants with very pronounced physicists, such as Bobby Lashley, Drew McIntyre or Braun Strowman, that he can bring out on the rest of the roster of the company, but Santos Escobar obviously does not fit into this small circle of athletes.

Santos Escobar believes Mendoza and Wilde winning the Dusty Tag Team Classic is essential for the faction's overall success. Winning the tournament will give them a chance to become Tag Team Champions, which would make Legado Del Fantasma the most dominant stable in WWE NXT.

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