The Rock's WWE return may not be very close

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The Rock's WWE return may not be very close

One of the greatest characters in the entire history of WWE who have been missing for quite a while from the television screens of the McMahon-owned federation is certainly The Rock, multiple WWE world champion, as well as one of the main proponents of the WWE Attitude Era, a very great period of time that has remained in the hearts of the WWE Universe, in which the feud between The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin was also fundamental, which became historic thanks to the enormous in-ring skills and above all to the microphone of the two.

The Rock has always been so good in front of the cameras of the company, both in moving and speaking, that over the years it has managed to have great success even on the sets of Hollywood films, where in recent years he has become the actor.

highest paid in the world, also falling into seven-eight films a year, becoming a real champion. Apparently, his next appearance was to be that of Wrestlemania in 2022, in a match against his cousin Roman Reigns or some other large segment of the federation, but then those plans were anticipated for the Survivor Series, with The Rock being he would have taken part in WWE's last Big Four of 2021, but even these plans seem to have been discarded by WWE.

Update on The Rock

It looked like The Rock would appear at Survivor Series and begin an angle with Roman Reigns, culminating at WrestleMania 38 in Dallas. While the match might still go ahead for April 2022, several people backstage seem adamant that the two cousins must face off one year later, at WrestleMania 39 in Los Angeles.

According to what Andrew Zarian said in the recent episode of his podcast, the Mat Men Pro-wrestling Podcast, it would seem that Rocky's appearance in the Series would become increasingly difficult, given that at that time of year, The Rock will be in Australia to film the episodes of the NBC project: Young Rock.

In the series that traces his career from the beginning, The Rock will be so busy far from the United States, just like what happened to John Cena behind Wrestlemania, with the leader of the Chain Gang who was unable to attend a WWE PPV event, if not before Money in the Bank, for the shooting they wanted in Canada.

We'll see in the coming weeks, if anything changes or if maybe filming will end or be blocked in time, to make sure that The Rock is able to even make an appearance in the rings of the Survivor Series, to greet his fans for a long time date.