The Undertaker comments on his retirement from wrestling

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The Undertaker comments on his retirement from wrestling

The last great retreat arrived in the rings of the McMahon family, was that of the legendary The Undertaker, the sacred monster of the rings around the world, who for 30 years has trod the square of the most famous company in the entire globe: the WWE.

Precisely on the thirtieth anniversary of his debut at Survivor Series 1990, The Undertaker decided to permanently hang up his boots, greeting all the colleagues and legends who flocked to the ThunderDome where the last Big Four of last year was taking place, with the WWE Universe connected from home.

After exactly 30 years, Undertaker retired thus, at the end of last 2020, with the fans who visibly excited thanked him on all social networks, after the great emotions given along 3 decades of a space career. Apparently, however, this withdrawal seems to have been much more suffered than it seemed, because despite the age and the ailments, The Undertaker would have wanted to continue fighting if only he had not got in the way of the physical, to prevent everything.

The Undertaker retired last year

Wrestlers' Court, led by The Undertaker as the judge, is an infamous backstage courtroom in WWE that dished out punishments for anyone who stepped out of line. In his latest interview, McMahon's legendary Deadman revealed how he would return to the ring today, but a small but insurmountable problem holds him back: his physique.

To the microphones of Entertainment Tonight, while Undertaker was advertising his interactive film just released on Netflix, the legendary athlete wanted to say: "Right now, yes, my days in the ring are over and not because I don't want to get in the ring.

This is where I spent most of my time as an adult, my entire life was spent on wrestling or entertainment sport and in the ring. In my mind, I can see everything again and also in my heart, I wish I was there but you get to a point where my body is no longer able to do what the mind and heart see.

My body can't do it anymore and I don't want my character's legacy to be ruined. I would hate to death that people would come to pay to see me work and then be embittered and disappointed by what they see." Matt & Jeff Hardy were two of the most popular superstars in the WWE during the Attitude Era.

Performing death-defying moves, the duo stole the hearts of the WWE Universe and took the tag team division to a whole new level. They raised the bar every single time they competed. In 1999, the pair were on the road after winning the WWE Tag Team Championships.