Sasha Banks Refuses to Comment on Pulling Out of SummerSlam

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Sasha Banks Refuses to Comment on Pulling Out of SummerSlam

Sasha Banks is currently working as one of WWE’s top female superstars. She started her WWE career at NXT and won multiple titles after she made her way to the main roster. Many people believe that Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair kickstarted the WWE Women’s Revolution.

Sasha Banks fought Charlotte Flair multiple times, and they even competed inside Hell in a Cell. After that, WWE started to take the women’s division quite seriously. The New York Post recently asked her why she didn’t compete at WWE SummerSlam.

SummerSlam is considered one of WWE’s most important PPV, so many people were surprised that Sasha Banks did not compete in the PPV. She did not tell the reason.

Sasha Banks Refuses To Talk About Why She Did Not Compete at SummerSlam

“There’s no reason,” Banks responded.

“I’m not telling you anything. (Laughs). You’re not Oprah. You’re not the WWE Network, you’re not getting me the views. I’m not telling you my secrets. You can read my book. You can read my documentary when I want to speak about it.

Thank you very much”. Sasha Banks was also pulled from her WrestleMania match against Bianca Belair. She was replaced by Becky Lynch who recently made her return to WWE after giving birth to her first child with Seth Rollins.

Becky Lynch currently holds the WWE Smackdown Women’s Title. “It’s completely so inspiring,” Banks said of Lynch. “To see her come back looking better than she’s ever looked. And to put out a baby and have a six-pack, you know she’s coming for everybody’s throat.

It just really makes me what to step up my game because I have no idea what it takes to be a mother on the road. They all inspire me so much that they can just do all of this”. Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks fought each other at the Supersized Smackdown event that recently took place.

They will also face each other on the 21st of October at the WWE Crown Jewel event that will take place at Saudi Arabia. Becky Lynch will be moving to RAW after a few weeks, so Sasha Banks wishes to take the Smackdown Title off Becky Lynch.

“I can’t let Bianca and Becky, two Raw superstars (after the draft) take my hard work, my SmackDown women’s championship to that show,” Sasha Banks said. “So I definitely have to make sure that I keep that SmackDown title on ‘Friday Night SmackDown.’ And with Charlotte Flair coming into the mix on SmackDown, it’s definitely going to be a cool little rivalry that we’re gonna have”.